Tax Refund-empl

In case you are an employee, and you want us to apply for your tax return, the procedure is the following:

  • We first assess whether there has been a tax overpayment in the tax year in question; we do that via email or mail.
  • If, based on information given to us, we conclude that it is possible to claim a refund of tax paid in excess, (after prior consultation) a tax refund document package will be sent to the address you provide.

Please be informed that our company assumes no responsibility for inaccurate tax return calculation resulting from false data in documents or concealed income. In the event that, consequently, the tax authority does not return any tax, the service fee paid to our company will not be reimbursed. 

The document package includes:

  • The contract between you and our company, indicating the agreed administrative fee, to be paid in advance, according to the instructions sent as attachments.
  • Authorization to deal with tax authorities.
  • Tax authority form.
  • Return envelope.
  • Personal information form.

In all cases, our company must receive the original income verification documents of the tax year in question. 

Before sending the original documents, it is advised to make photocopies of them.

Documents verifying income may be the following: 

  • P60
  • P45
  • Statement of Earnings
  • P11D
  • P9D 

The average handling time for tax returns is about 8-12 weeks. This may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances, for which our company is not liable.

If you wish to make use of our services, please contact us.