LTD - Incorporation

LTD as a form of enterprise

The Limited Company is a type of business that is registered at the Companies House.

Owner(s) of a Limited Company can be individual(s), self-employed entrepreneur(s), or even other companies.

An LTD is operated by at least one director, who needs to be an individual (i.e. it cannot be another company). The company\\\’s director can be a shareholder, but also an independent person who has reached 16 years of age. Appointing a director is compulsory. 

It is also possible to appoint a secretary; however, this is not obligatory. In case you do want to have a secretary, this needs to be recorded in the founding documents.

The process of founding an LTD

Registering a Limited Company can be done relatively quickly and easily. It can usually be set up within 24 hours, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent it. The foundation of an LTD must be done before the start of activities. It is not possible to register retrospectively. 

It is crucial to choose a catchy name too, which needs to be still available in the database of the Companies House. Names of already registered companies may be used in some cases, with some modifications and/or the addition of some extra words. However, that is quite impractical, since it can lead to mix-ups in the future. 

It is also necessary to have a registered office address, which serves as the official LTD billing address.