Self-Employment Registration

Before registration, it is worth considering whether self-employment is the most suitable for the activity you wish to conduct. 

In order to decide this, as well as by providing further useful information, we can help you in our consultations via phone or, after prior scheduling, in person. 

Before registering, please make sure to gather information on the payables and other liabilities related to this status. 

As part of the personal consultation, you will have the option to receive guidance, to sign necessary documents and to pay service fees, after which registration is carried out. 

If you don’t find the personal meeting necessary, or if it is hard to manage it due to distance, consultation via phone is also available. 

In both cases, you have to schedule an appointment, which you can do electronically by using the contact button on the right, or by calling our colleagues. 

In both cases, please think of and prepare the information necessary for registration: 

  • name
  • address
  • registration date 
  • trading/fantasy name for your business, if applicable 
  • short description of the activity to be performed 
  • NI number 
  • e-mail address 
  • phone number 
  • valid photo document verifying your identity 


Before registration, please always inquire about the liabilities and financial costs of the business status. 

To have an answer to your questions, please contact us. 

(+ 44) 07737503316


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