Employee (Paye) - Services and prices

  • Making preliminary calculation: £ 40.00
  • The success fee is 10% of the refunded amount – plus the following fixed administrative fees:
    • Correspondence within the UK – £ 80.00 / tax year
    • Correspondence outside the UK – £ 120.00 / tax year
  • Obtaining missing income verification documents for new clients: £ 50.00
  • Obtaining missing income verification documents for existing clients: £ 25.00

Please note that ACS Liberty Group Ltd takes no responsibility for inaccurate tax refund calculation resulting from false data in documents or concealed income. In the event that, consequently, the tax authority does not return any tax, the service fee paid to our company will not be reimbursed!

Prices of services are provided for reference purposes only, and cannot be considered an irrevocable offer. For a personalized quote, please contact us.