LTD - Tax & Returns

Confirmation Statement

The Confirmation Statement is a type of return that mainly refers to the “statistical” data of the limited company. This return needs to contain general data and changes during the year.

There is a fee of £13.00 that needs to be paid electronically at the same time as the Confirmation Statement is submitted.


Annual Account

Annual Account is the companys year-end closing return; it must be submitted to the Companies House. The return is mandatory, even if the company had no activities, or even if it generated loss.

If the Annual Account is not submitted, the below fines are applicable. In addition to fines, not complying with the rules may result in liquidation.

Less than 1 month £150
Between 1 month and 3 months £375
Between 3 and 6 months £750
More than 6 months £1,500

Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax Return means the reporting of corporate tax to HMRC, based on the pre-prepared accounting material.

In addition, the tax payable on the calculated gains (profits) is also called Corporation Tax.

Corporate tax returns can be quite complex because of the diversity of items that need to considered: revenue, interest on income, expenditures, loans, loan interest rates, investments, income from investments, amortization and other credits due, etc…

Corporation Tax
19 %
from 1st of april 2017