Trading or Fantasy name 

As a self-employed person, you will issue your invoices under your own name, but you may choose a trading or fantasy name besides that. 

You still need to indicate your own name, but if you’d like your business to be linked to a fantasy name, perhaps reflecting your activity, you have an option to do so. (However, you still cannot use an indication of other forms of business, e.g. Ltd, Limited Company, Co., etc.) 

Steve Example T/A Example Cleaning Services
(The abbreviation T/A stands for “trading as”). 

If you would like to use this on websites, business cards or pamphlets, of course the full name does not need to be indicated; this formality is only significant when billing. 


It is not mandatory to use a trading name, you can also perform activities and issue invoices under your own name. 

Be cautious when choosing a trading name, and make sure you don’t use a copyrighted name. 

You can check whether the name you’d like to use as a trading name is copyrighted on the Intellectual Property Office website: 

Intellectual Property Office