Public Liability Insurance

Although it is not mandatory, it is advised to request public liability insurance at any of the insurance companies or at the bank holding your account, through which you will have the option to secure your business in your areas of operation. 

Nowadays, you can request an offer online within minutes, or even sign an insurance agreement digitally. 

Why is insurance important? 

If someone makes a claim against your business by mistake or due to an error, the insurance company takes over the fulfilment of charges if public liability insurance is valid for that operation. 

Recently, for most contracts, it is necessary to have such an agreement with a certification of what operations and what thresholds are included in the insurance. 

If you, your employee, or a sub-contractor causes incidental damage, the signed insurance may come in handy. 


If your business has an employer registration, the insurance company may ask for your Employer Reference number, i.e. the Employer PAYE ID. 

You may upload your insurance documents to our portal, so it is available any time without remembering different websites and credentials.